Planet Stresses

Planet Stresses

Planet Stresses is one piece from a series called Further Abstraction. It is a series of digital photographs that explore functional objects in the process of being hand modified and reengineered or manmade objects in the process of transition.

If you are interested in the whole series a book is available from the Sassamatt Blurb Bookstore, .

January Fog: Deep Cove Fishing

In among the cedars and fir trees, the stillness is disturbed only by the casting of a line. This is the understated entrance to a long Sound whose mountains run vertically up out of the water, at points, and then climb in a tangle of rain forest. Here the scene is more subdued with the grandeur hidden from view in the January fog.

Winter Lifeguard

A quiet moment

Walking the pier

Deep Cover fishing: in the morning fog

Pitt Lake Mountains in the Morning Mist

We travelled through the early morning mist into the Pitt River area. The journey took us off the highway and across farm land that had been created out of the wetlands created by the Alouette River. The canals or ditches ran on either side of the road and from time to time you would come across the main dikes holding back the river. At the roads terminus is the point at which Pitt River leaves off and Pitt Lake begins. This shot is looking North onto the mountains that cradle Pitt Lake on its east side. High up on the peaks you could see the first dusting of November’s snow.

Pitt Lake Morning Mountains

Shelter Island European Premier at …. Die Bedürfnisanstalt

Die Bedürfnisanstalt, Bleickenallee 26a, Hamburg 22763
Vernissage: Sa: 13.09.2014 12-17 Uhr
So., 14.09.2014, 14 – 18 Uhr
Mo., 15.09.2014, 16 – 20 Uhr
Sa., 20.09.2014, 14 – 18 Uhr
So., 21.09.2014, 14 – 18 Uhr

Lumen Print Workshop/Vorführung [auf Englisch]
Di., 23.09.2014, 14 – 18 Uhr

Neue Fotoarbeiten
Mi., 24.09.2014, 18 – 23 Uhr

Do., 25.09.2014, 15 – 19 Uhr

Finissage: Fr., 26.09.2014, 16 – 20 Uhr

Sassamatt Images präsentiert die Europapremiere neuer Werke von Phyllis Schwartz und Edward Peck. Diese beiden kanadischen Künstler arbeiten vor allem im Bereich der experimentellen Fotografie. Schwartz ist eine von wenigen Künstlerinnen & Künstlern, die mit dem Lumen Print-Verfahren arbeiten. Diese Hybriddrucke werden durch direkte Kontakte mit lichtempfindlichen Oberflächen hergestellt und anschließend digitalisiert. Auf seine Erfahrungen in verschiedenen künstlerischen Disziplinen aufbauend kreiert Peck abstrakte Kunstwerke mit mehrfach belichteten Fotografien und einem Hybrid digitaler Entwicklungsprozesse.

Sassamatt Images presents the European premiere of new works by Phyllis Schwartz and Edward Peck. These two Canadian artist work mainly in the field of experimental photography. Schwartz is one of the few artists working with the lumen print method. These hybrid prints are made ​​by direct contact with the photosensitive surfaces and then digitized. Building on his experience in various artistic disciplines Peck creates abstract art with multiple exposure photographs and a hybrid digital development processes.

Electric Storm II